Syngonium Pink Splash

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“Syngonium Pink Splash”  is one of the most popular plants for all the plant lovers out there. It has stunning foliage, with exquisite pink color and the leaves are shaped like an arrow. 

Incredibly easy to care for, it has won the hearts of plant lovers all across the world for this reason specifically. It is an indoor plant mostly, but it can grow outdoors in a space with mild light. 

Medium: This plant must be grown in soil rich in organic matter and good drainage.

Light: In general, a room with regular sunny day light will do the magic on this plant. Since the color here is a bit different, the Pink Syngonium light requirements slightly change. 

Watering: When you water Syngonium Pink Splash, it is best to check when the soil is about to dry, and then water it again. If it is still moist or you wait way too long before watering it again, the leaves begin to look like they have brown stains on them. It is quite hardy as a plant, with normal watering needs.