Pack of 3 String plant, String of Bananas, String of Pearl, Ruby Necklace plant, Indoor Plant with Plastic Pot

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Ruby Necklace is an attractive trailing succulent from the daisy family. … It is a tough succulent with few problems, but likes a bit more water than average. In adequate sunlight and restricted fertilizer, this plant will display strong purple/maroon colouration. In more shade it will be greener and thicker.

String of Pearls succulent should be kept at average indoor temperature of 70° – 80° degrees Fahrenheit. During winter, keep the plant at cool temperature – around 55° – 60° degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t keep them in drafty areas, or areas with air conditioner and open window as cold air may causes the leaves to drop

String of Bananas need plenty of bright sunlight but they also need to be protected from intense heat or full sun. They do well in a bright but partially shaded