Plants don't comply with grower's wants

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Doesn't matter what you want!

All that matters is what the plant needs !
The pursuit of horticulture is often a delicate balance, a tug-of-war between the whims of the gardener and the true needs of the flora they tend to. However, it is essential to recognize that the health and wellbeing of the plant is ultimately the deciding factor. Simply put, it is not a matter of what the gardener wants for the plant, but rather what the plant requires for its survival.
In this context, the gardener's desires become secondary to the demands of the plant. Just as a magician must listen to the subtle whispers of their magical assistants, the gardener must listen intently to the rhythms and needs of the plants they care for. The gardener must divest themselves of their own impulses and ego, instead adopting a mindset of stewardship and servitude to the plant.
It can be likened to the role of a conscientious parent, who prioritizes their child's needs above their own desires. In the same vein, it is the role of the gardener to ensure that the plants receive the proper nutrients, sunlight, and care to thrive, even if it means sacrificing the vision that the gardener had in mind.
In conclusion, the adage "form follows function" holds true for the art of horticulture. Regardless of the gardener's aspirations, the plant's primary function is to survive and grow. Any efforts that do not align with this goal are futile. Therefore, it is essential to honor the intrinsic needs of the plant, accepting them as the cornerstone of any successful garden.